About ClinicTools®

Welcome to the home of ClinicTools, Inc. We are the producer of ClinicTools® – an Internet based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application designed to make it easier for healthcare providers to collect and create patient health information (PHI), process it for treatment and payment regardless of location and time. You are about to start experiencing EMR like never before. The system is 100% HIPAA compliant and guarantees to help you meet the requirements of every regulatory agency you are responsible to.

If you are in one of the branches of healthcare mentioned below:

1. Mental Health or Psychiatric/Psychological treatment facility
2. Medical Center/Physician Offices
3. Home Health Agency

ClinicTools is for you. The system is 100% user friendly. It comes with training designed to help you collect adequate information. It also includes how to process information collected, properly diagnose patients, to establish treatment options.

To request one-on-one or online demonstration of this incredible tool, do not hesitate to click on Contact Us at the bottom of this page to send your request directly to our Chairman & CEO – Dr. Henry I. Balogun.

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Developed for : Mental Health/Behavioral Health     Medical Center/Physician Offices    Home Health Services